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Southern Cooked Cabbage

southern cooked cabbage

    southern cooked
  • (Southern cooking) The cuisine of the Southern United States is defined as the regional culinary form of states generally south of the Mason-Dixon Line, and extending west to Texas.

  • A cultivated plant eaten as a vegetable, having thick green or purple leaves surrounding a spherical heart or head of young leaves

  • pilfer: make off with belongings of others

  • boodle: informal terms for money

  • any of various types of cabbage

  • Paper money

  • The leaves of this plant, eaten as a vegetable

New Zealand Spinach - Tetragonia tetragonioides

New Zealand Spinach - Tetragonia tetragonioides

Buena Vista Lagoon, Carlsbad Southern CA. Low matting bush about 3 - 4 feet across. Leaves are coarse 3–15 cm long triangular in shape and bright green. The species prefer a moist environment for growth. The plant grows flat on the ground. Edible leaves. Similar properties to spinach, and is cooked like spinach - blanching the leaves in hot water for one minute, then rinsing in cold water before cooking. It can be found as an invasive plant in North and South America

Swedish Food (4), 1957

Swedish Food (4), 1957

(L) "Goose Dinner: St. Martin's Day is celebrated on November 11 in memory of a saint who died on that date. This celebration is maintained particularly in southern Sweden... Black Soup and Goose Liver Sausage, Roast Goose and Red Cabbage, Apples and Prunes, Opera Torte."

(R) "Christmas Breads and Pastries: Lucia Ginger Snaps, Saffron Bread, Ginger Cake, Christmas Crullers, Butter Leaves with Jelly, Brandy Rings, Almond Tarts."

southern cooked cabbage

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