Cook County Court Clerk

cook county court clerk

    county court
  • A court in some states with civil and criminal jurisdiction for a given county

  • A county court is a court based in or with a jurisdiction covering one or more counties, which are administrative divisions (subnational entities) within a country, not to be confused with the medieval system of county courts held by the High Sheriff of each county.

  • Most states are made up of jurisdictional districts known as counties, each having a particular city known as the county seat where the Courthouse is located.

  • A higher (or intermediate) court that operates in some jurisdictions. In some States/Territories the equivalent court is the District Court.

  • work as a clerk, as in the legal business

  • an employee who performs clerical work (e.g., keeps records or accounts)

  • salesclerk: a salesperson in a store

  • An official in charge of the records of a local council or court

  • A person employed in an office or bank to keep records and accounts and to undertake other routine administrative duties

  • A person employed by a judge, or being trained by a lawyer, who does legal research, etc

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(Old) Kent County Court House

(Old) Kent County Court House

Located in East Greenwich, RI and now serves as the Town Hall. It served as the Kent County Court House from its erection in 1804 to 1978. There was one other "courthouse" between this one and the present one.

RI counties exist basically for geographical reasons, they have no governmental duties. There is no county commission, tax assessor, probate judge, etc. Government lies at the local town level.

Kent County Court House

Kent County Court House

Opened in September 2006 and actually has "Kent County Court House" on the exterior, though the county has no real governmental powers as in other states. This is located in West Warwick off Rte 2.

My first county courthouse in Rhode Island.

cook county court clerk

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