Beef bourguignon pressure cooker. Ribs slow cooker.

Beef Bourguignon Pressure Cooker

beef bourguignon pressure cooker

    beef bourguignon
  • Beef bourguignon (especially American English, ) or b?uf bourguignon (especially British English, or ), also called beef Burgundy and boeuf a la bourguignonne, is a well known traditional French recipe.

  • (boorg-in-yo-n) is beef cooked slowly with Burgundy wine and onions. Similar to a beef stew but made without the usual carrots and potatoes.

    pressure cooker
  • autoclave for cooking at temperatures above the boiling point of water

  • A highly stressful situation or assignment

  • An airtight pot in which food can be cooked quickly under steam pressure

  • Pressure cooking is a method of cooking in a sealed vessel that does not permit air or liquids to escape below a preset pressure.

  • Pressure Cooker claims to be Boston’s original old-school reggae band. The group formed in 1997 with a shared passion of Jamaican ska, rocksteady, and reggae music of the sixties and seventies.

Beef Bourguignon

Beef Bourguignon

First attempt at this classic French dish. It came out fine imo ^_^ I served it over rice, because I was too lazy to make my pommes puree. I departed from the normal recipe by using a pressure cooker as I had no oven safe pot to put this stuff in. I'll come back to revisit it in the future sometime and mess around with the flavor profiles to make this simple peasant dish ungodly ^_-

Beef Bourguignon

Beef Bourguignon

Step 5: Add roasted beef / chopped vegetables(except celery) / herbs (except Parsley) / beef or chicken stock (around 300ml) / red wine (all ingredients covered) and cover with a lid then slowly cook it for 3 hours on a low setting, seasoned and simmer. Add celery in the last 30 mins and place parsley when it's done.

beef bourguignon pressure cooker

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