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[4/52] My "Pet Peeve"

[4/52] My "Pet Peeve"

Photo taken for the 52 Weeks of Pix 2011. Theme: Pet Peeve

Few days ago I went quickly to the page of the 52 Weeks of Pix 2011 group to find out which is the theme of this 4th week. I read "Pet peeve". I have to preface that I am Italian and that I am used to speak in English everyday because of my work, I am a scientist. But sometimes the spoken English or the more commune words create some troubles.
Anyways..."Pet peeve" , I thought "Ok I know what a pet is, but peeve?" I go to the online translator, I type in "peeve" and I get "irritare". I obviously didn't think enough (I was like always in hurry) and I just deduced that "Pet peeve" means "Mischievous Pet" :D
Looking for ideas I immediately thought about the episode that happened few weeks ago when Zurigo, my hamster, destroyed the most beloved shoes of Florian and ...voila the photo!!!
In the evening I showed the photo to Florian telling that this is my photo for the "Pet Peeve" theme, and he could not stop to laugh at me!!! mmmmhmhmh
Now I know what "Pet Peeve" means, and I also discovered that this photo is actually a great example of a pet peeve of mine: LINGUISTIC MISUNDERSTANDINGS!!!!
I think if somebody in the past asked me to represent "linguistic misunderstanding" with a photo, I would have been in trouble. Funny how I found the way to do that ;).

P.S. Zurigo eats only the shoes of Florian! Do you think he has cheesy feet?!!! :D ;)
Kidding Florian!!!!



This basket is fully loaded with everything imaginable. Milk Chocolate Sticks, Biscotti, Gourmet Bellagio Coffees, specialty chocolates, Chocolate Wafer Cookies, Peanut Butter Pretzel Nuggets, Gourmet snack mix, Wheat wafers, Pistachios, Italian Bread Sticks, Beef Salami, Fruits of the Earth, Alpine Mints and Chocolate dipped spoons. It also includes wonderful array of cheeses such as Cabernet Cheddar Cheese Spread and Swiss cheese triangles to compliment the peppercorn and water crackers. This is a wonderful gift for everyone to enjoy. Gift Size: 14x9.5x13

italian cookies online

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